Problem with receving confirmation emails on yahoo

11 years 8 months ago #126004 by paul.necsoiu

I have the CB registration process set to sent confirmation emails.

If i register from a gmail or hotmail adress everything is ok.

But if i register from a yahoo email adress I recive emails with huge delay and sometaimes that make the link from email impracticable (maybe it expired).

I have the email host on godaddy. If I sent mails directly from godaddy to yahoo ...i recive the email immediately.

I tryed before with email host from gmail and the problem was the same ...that makes me think is a CB problem.

Maybe CB registration process add some code to the sended emails that make this problems ...just an idea

I also ask the yahoo suport and they tell me that their servers are working very well....

Please tell me what i should try???

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