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11 years 8 months ago #121928 by JZach
Hidden Default Value Text Field was created by JZach
Forgive me if this is somewhere, but I just can't seem to get close other than this discussion:

I am wondering if there has been any change about this since 2008. I am wanting to have a field with a default value that is not shown on the registration page and is not editable by the user.

Basically, my business certifies people. I want when new users register on my site to have a default value showing that they are NOT certified so that when they are searched by other users, no one can say they are certified when they are not. Once they complete the necessary training, I will check that they are certified; but having null in those fields instead of "not certified" is a bit confusing.

I know that this is a "feature" of CB, so that we do not check anything "behind anyones' back" (in the above discussion), but this is a feature I could really use. Is there any way for me to do this?

Thanks in advance.

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11 years 8 months ago #121933 by nant
Replied by nant on topic Re:Hidden Default Value Text Field
Sounds like you can achieve your use case pretty easy.

Make a CB field (could be any field type you wish - lets assume its a text field.

Make it read-only (so only backend updating is present).

Then use phpmyadmin to go to the comprofiler table and modify the default value of the column that represents this field.

From now on all new members will get this default value and only backend users may modify it.

You can try this with other field types also.

Hope this gives you a nice safe work-around.

Always backup first before you try anything new!

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11 years 8 months ago #122065 by JZach
Replied by JZach on topic Re:Hidden Default Value Text Field

thanks so much for steering me in the right direction.

forgive me for being such a noob- i've spent the weekend learning and following what you've said.

i've found the table in myphpadmin (editing locally right now): jos_comprofiler. i've found the text field i want a default value in and have clicked edit. however, i can not figure out how to get a default value to show up. every time i add something to the "default" for that field, it doesn't show up.

the field is set to:
Length/Values: 255
Collation: utf8_general_ci
Attributes: (nothing checked)
Null: null
Default: (everything i put in here doesn't show)
Extra: (nothing checked)
Comments: (none)

I know this is more help that you probably want to deal with, but anything is appreciated. Thanks again in advance.

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