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here's my take on it, whatever it's worth. I am by no means an expert...

If you log in to the Joomla-backend and goto Control Panel > Help > System Info you will find a tab called PHP information. Click on that and you will see what version of PHP your server is using.

Most likely it will say PHP Version 5.3.1. I say this because you are using and they have recently upgraded their servers to PHP 5.3.1.

This is a big problem, since CB is not fully compatible with PHP 5.3.1. There is a post on how to apply a quick fix to this, just search for "PHP 5.3" in this forum and you will find instructions.

Problems that arise are i) You cannot go to the second page on your user list. ii) Members profile pages do not display properly, etc. Apply the fixes and things will work decently.

However, I don't think that your particular problem is related to PHP 5.3. I am guessing that the problem you are asking about is related to a bug in IE. If you turn on the compatibility view in your browser, you should be able to add stuff to your user list. Click on "Tools" then select "Compatibility view" in your IE browser.

As you see, there are many potential sources to your problems, and neither of them are really problems with CB, but related to your webserver or your browser. That is why our heroes at CB always want you to tell them as much as possible about your environment when you post your questions here.

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