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Please can someone help me as I'm becoming desperate.

I merged databases (using CBJuice) and ever since then anyone who registered previously cannot get in with their old password. While they can off course ask for a new password which seems to resolve the problem but I'm getting annoyed people mailing me. The further problem is that the system does not seem to allow them to change their password (back to something they recognise) from their profile link.

Please can you give me any ideas what the problem is as I'm really concerned as I've also lost data in what was previously a required field.

I've also just found that if I ask for a new password it sends it to me twice and each password is different. I think it is all going wrong right now HELP!

I would be very grateful if you can point me in the right direction, as I've searched and tried everything I can find.

As I've not had a response I suppose I forgot to add information.
running php5, CB1.2.1, not sure what other information you need as I can't find the help us to help you page to remind me. Would someone please help me now?


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