Cannot confirm user in back end

11 years 7 months ago #123253 by mrsdcottam
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I agree, it would be great to permit the administrators to confirm a user.

For about 20% of our users we register on behalf of our customers to save them time. The other 80% the system covers our needs.

Could this be added as a feature?


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11 years 7 months ago #124780 by puregain
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Hi Joomlapolis Community!
This is my first post, so forgive me if I posted in wrong place.
My problem is very simmilar, in exception of ...
But let me try from the begining:
I'm an admin of joomla-site and my username is: a1
(just for example)
a1 - means: two characters.
I don't want to change my username just because the CB sestem not alows me to have such a username. I need CB to work as I want, so please provide me any solution how to fix that without changing my very cool admin's username. I edited CB fields (setting username,name and other fields to 0 length) with no results. I was trying everyting what I know, but seems my knowledge is yet too poor. Please help.
Thank you.

Precisely - there IS user a1 on CB list (that's me - superadministrator). And always was! Now I would like to add Aditional Infos to my long existed profile. And I can NOT. The message always says, I need to set my username to something different than I allready own!? No matter how I set the preferences. And other side - the system allows me to change my avatar without any problems. Strange. Although I don't care so much to avatar as to my username. And to these aditional infos, I want add ASAP!

I'm using CB 1.2 with Joomla! Version 1.5.15

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11 years 6 months ago #125801 by jakobe75
Replied by jakobe75 on topic Re:Cannot confirm user in back end
having same issue on my test site

all latest versions of CB and J

I have one user that I cannot change to confirmed manually on the backend.

When they try to login it give them the errorand send them the activation email link with no activation code included.

when I try to manually confirm the user is just reverts back to unconfirmed.

the mail is not caught by spam

resending the confirmation email results in this link

but includes no confirmation code.
this is the only user this has occured on

other users I am able to manually confirm in the back end.

I ideally I would like to be able to RESEND the confirmation email manually.

and/or manually confirm them

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