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IE v Firefox.. Why is it so slow??

  • ybskorea
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18 years 1 week ago #12864 by ybskorea
IE v Firefox.. Why is it so slow?? was created by ybskorea
Hi everyone,

I just finished my website.. but I noticed that Joomla is way slower on IE than on Firefox.

In IE, the images take forever to load. It seems that IE is checking every image to decide whether to reload it or not.. it literally takes 3-5 seconds for the page to load up which just isn't acceptable for a good site.

Funny thing is.. on my local test site, IE is pretty fast.. I'm using Siteground as my host and it doesn't seem too slow.. so I'm wondering if there are any request headers that I need to change or anything to quicken my live site up in IE??

If anyone has experienced this problem, could you let me know what I might need to modify? I think the Siteground Apache server is sending some kind of headers also, which I don't know how to change..

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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