Subscription period and Australian fiscal year

10 years 2 weeks ago #133657 by ramtinworld
Hi there,

Hope this finds you well.

I have asked this question from Kyle once and have gone through forum and unfortunately have not been able to find an answer for it.

I need to based my membership validity on Australian fiscal year which is from July 1st till June 30th.

I know that you have mentioned before I could do this by SQL actions but I can see under the validty field on the database is this format "YEAR - MONTH - DAY" which doesnt specify an exact month.

Is there any solution for this so I can have my plan exires on June 30th every year?

I really appreciate your help, I am just stock with this client and need to sort this issue out ASAP.


10 years 2 weeks ago #133676 by krileon
The only way this can be done is using a complex query with CBSubs SQL Actions to update the subscription expiration date (column expiry_date). CBSubs does not currently support custom expiration dates and/or durations.

Example query:
UPDATE `#__cbsubs_subscriptions` SET `expiry_date` = '2010-06-30 00:00:00' WHERE `user_id` = [user_ud] AND `status` = 'A' AND `plan_id` = ##;

You'd of course need to replace ## with your plans actual ID.

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10 years 2 weeks ago #133711 by nant
plus you would need to manually change the expiration date each year.

Hopefully future CBSubs version will have such support built-in.
9 years 11 months ago #136897 by cinegrid
I have a similar problem and need all the plans to conform to the calendar year (Jan 1st through Dec 31st).

However, it looks like your SQL hack is only for one member "WHERE `user_id` = [user_ud]" (is the "user_ud" a typo?).

I have a number of plans and want them all to start Jan 1st and end Dec 31st... what would the technique be for doing that?


PS: please add this option ASAP ;-)

Post edited by: cinegrid, at: 2010/06/30 21:57
9 years 11 months ago #136898 by nant
cinegrid wrote:

I have a similar problem and need all the plans to conform to the calendar year (Jan 1st through Dec 31st).

I believe this is already built in.
9 years 11 months ago #136899 by cinegrid
Oh, OK. I guess that means I just have to set the option for a different first registration period... Hope that works! Thanks!
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