CB Subs Coupons with iDev Affiliate

11 years 11 months ago #194383 by lockr
I'll soon be setting up a system where affiliates will be able to issue discount vouchers to others that will
(1) Give the user a discount on membership plans through CB-Subs
(2) Award points to an affiliate through the iDev integration plug-in

I'm not stuck with two systems and I need to get them taking to each other:
  • iDev enables me to set up different commissions and issue voucher codes to users.
  • CB Subs vouchers enable me to set up different discount packages to

What I need is for all my affiliates to have a series of codes they can issue to potential subscribers either through a link or a voucher code that will (1) Identify the affiliate to reward the right person through iDev plug-in, and (2) Make the a certain voucher discount rate available to them (not available if they were not referred by an affiliate )

So that is my use case. A question:
Has anyone used iDev to combine a CB Subs discount with an affiliate link? How did they achieve this?

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