How we use Subs with moset tree for paid listings

14 years 10 months ago #95094 by klp29
I've been using Subs for the past year, being part of the beta test team.

I run a wedding website ( ) and use a combination of CB + Subs, Moset Tree and Acajoom newsletter.

The shops and vendors like wedding photographers, flowers, wedding dresses etc. can advertize in Moset Tree for their products and services.

We USED to do it 100% oldschool with manual handling. Manuelly finding out who needed to pay, manually sent them a paper bill, manually received and accounted for the money.

Now it's 100% automatic.

When they want to add their listing in Tree, they're asked to register for one of our plans. They can chose different access levels (so the free ones are without link and photo, the more expensive ones will have link and the most expensive plan will have it all).

This is all controlled in Subs => Tree so depending on how much they pay, the link, photo etc. is turned on or off.

Then they pay and add their listing.

When they stop paying, Subs automatically adds them to an autoresponder in Acajoom, that start sending them different "please come back again"-emails. Also, their ads are unpublished.

If they DO come back and pay, their listing is automatically published again and they're removed from the autoresponder.

All this is 100% automatically controlled by Subs!

The big advantage for us was to go from manual to automatic, but another thing ended up being MUCH more valuable:

Before, because of all the manual work, we only billed each of the advertizers pr. year. Now, because it's automatic, we can do it pr. month.

Especially given the crisis, this is a major advantage compared to our competitors websites, because the "pain" of paying for a month at a time is MUCH less than paying a full year ahead of time.

If you have any questions, please ask and I will do my best to reply!

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14 years 10 months ago #97330 by DarkGamer
That's wonderful! I'm trying to do something similar, and was wondering how you went about it. Since CB Subs is still so new, any feedback you can give me would be most appreciated. This is what I'm trying to accomplish:
  • I want subscribers in CB Subs to be able to make one entry in the "general members" referral directory.

  • Specialty subcategories will be limited to members that have upgraded their accounts; These will be available for users to post one entry per subscription upgrade. (ex: "Medical / Dental specialist" category is only available to users that have upgraded their subscription to "Medical / Dental specialist".

  • When the subscription expires, the user's entries are removed from the listing and when the subscription is reinstated it comes back (I think I can accomplish this step with the sql from the other thread)

I was hoping to use SOBI2, but it doesn't seem that I can restrict directory posting access by user group. How did you accomplish managing your access levels? I didn't see anything like that on the online demo of moset tree (granted it was the old version for joomla! 1.0), and I want to be sure this is feasible before I go out and purchase another piece of software.

Thanks for your advice!

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14 years 9 months ago #99459 by artnco
hello, me i would like to authorise only subscriber to ad a listing , do you have an idea to do this ?

thanks fot help


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12 years 1 month ago #189927 by akasharkbow
This thread is old BUT we're trying to do exactly what klp29 describes here. (Are you still out there klp29?!) :)

I'm confused about this step:

"This is all controlled in Subs => Tree so depending on how much they pay, the link, photo etc. is turned on or off."

How does this work? I can't see a way to allow users to enter data for specific MT fields depending on the plan.

Thanks so much!

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11 years 11 months ago #195744 by jimmoeller

Did you ever make any progress on this? I'd be interested in doing something similar.


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11 years 11 months ago #196170 by akasharkbow
Hi Jim

I did a lot of digging, without much good news I'm afraid.

I checked the website of klp29 and it appears he has abandoned CBSubs and MT, and switched to JReviews - which appears to do everything specified here. (I did consider this option, but a significant drawback for me is that JReviews does not allow listings to appear in multiple categories, whereas MT does.)

The "Tree" that kpl29 refers to is an add-on for CB that has since been abandoned. While there is a separate component that integrates with MT and does have many of the required options (PaymentsPlus), it also has some significant drawbacks (and is not set up to integrate with CBSubs).

Hope this helps somewhat (though I'm sure it's not welcome news)! I've since been working on other things (overload) - but if you do move forward on this or have an interest in working together to commission a project them please let me know.


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