Registration and editing issues

13 years 5 months ago #129481 by Timothy84
Registration and editing issues was created by Timothy84
I am having a big problem. I have Community Builder 1.2.1 and profile Manager installed at When a new user registers they get a confirmation e-mail but no link to confirm. And I can't confirm or approve them from the back end. Plus I am getting errors when I try to edit certain profiles including my own profile. This is the error I get when trying to update from the front end.

moscomprofiler::store failed: Unknown column 'cb_directorweb' in 'field list' SQL=UPDATE `jos_comprofiler` SET `user_id`=67,`firstname`='Wayne',`middlename`='',`lastname`='Roberts',`hits`='129',`message_last_sent`='0000-00-00 00:00:00',`message_number_sent`='0',`avatar`='67_49b349c89a960.jpg',`avatarapproved`='1',`approved`=1,`confirmed`=1,`registeripaddr`='',`cbactivation`='',`banned`='0',`acceptedterms`='0',`lastupdatedate`='2010-04-07 08:50:04',`proma_type`='GSA Director',`proma_cbtemplate`='',`cb_pgenable`='',`cb_pgautopublish`='',`cb_pgautoapprove`='',`cb_pgshortgreeting`='TESTING !!!',`cb_pgtotalquotasize`='',`cb_pgtotalquotaitems`='',`cb_pguploadsize`='',`cb_pgtotalitems`='',`cb_pgtotalsize`='',`cb_pglastupdate`='0000-00-00',`cb_pgaccessmode`='',`cb_pgdisplayformat`='',`cb_pb_enable`='_UE_YES',`cb_pb_autopublish`='_UE_NO',`cb_pb_notifyme`='_UE_YES',`sbviewtype`='',`sbordering`='',`sbsignature`='',`website`='',`occupation`='GSA National Director',`interests`='Softball, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Real Estate Investing',`company`='',`address`='',`city`='Dallas',`state`='Georgia',`zipcode`='',`country`='',`phone`='678-878-7262',`fax`='',`cb_coachname`='',`cb_lastname`='Wayne & Rosalinda Roberts',`cb_email`='',`cb_yearformed`='',`cb_website`='',`cb_membertype`='GSA Board Member',`cb_gsa_teamname`='test',`cb_gsa_city`='',`cb_gsa_state`='test',`cb_gsa_country`='Afghanistan',`cb_gsa_age_group`='5 Under',`cb_gsa_organization`='',`cb_gsa_classification`='A-Gold',`cb_gsa_sport`='',`cb_gsa_year`='',`cb_gsa_website`='',`cb_gsa_person`='',`cb_gsa_email`='',`cb_gsa_phone`='',`cb_gsa_sanction`='',`cb_gsa_age_group_secondary`='',`cb_gsa_classification_secondary`='',`cb_name`='Wayne Roberts',`cb_directortype`='',`cb_directorstate`='',`cb_directorcountry`='',`cb_directorphone`='',`cb_directoremail`='',`cb_directorweb`='' WHERE id='67'

I can't edit in the back end at all. When I try to edit and click save nothing happens.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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13 years 5 months ago #129486 by nant
Replied by nant on topic Re:Registration and editing issues
Upgrade to CB 1.2.2, then run CB Tools and post back results.

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13 years 5 months ago #129487 by krileon
Replied by krileon on topic Re:Registration and editing issues
You've something installed that is trying to save content to the column cb_directorweb. Please see help us help you within my signature for debug procedures (disabling of plugins 1 by 1). Please also do as Nick instructed and upgrade to CB 1.2.2 followed by CB Tools.

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