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12 years 6 months ago #122737 by GWS2
Private Forums was created by GWS2

Have just been notified that a Private Forum can still be accessed via:

1. Kunena Search & Advanced Search fields

2. By the 'Show Latest Posts' link, (under welcome message) next to My Profile link etc

Groupjive has gone along way to integrating the two components but was hoping private forums would be only accessible via the private group forum link.

Has anyone else found this, and if so how can these windows to the private forum be removed?

Kind Regards

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12 years 6 months ago #122751 by krileon
Replied by krileon on topic Re:Private Forums
Will investigate issue for future development of GroupJive, current GroupJive is release candidate and all resources will be focused on the re-written GroupJive. See GroupJive News boards for post about joining the workgroup to test new GroupJive.

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12 years 6 months ago #122815 by GWS2
Replied by GWS2 on topic Re:Private Forums
Thanks for response.

Seem to have found a workaround that may interest you, and others.

To set up private group forums you create a forum in Kunena, disabled it, and create groupjive forums under this forum....

When I disabled the enabled groupjive forums (under the disable groupjive forum) I got these unexpected results;

1. The Kunena forums still appeared and worked from the 'forum link' in the he groups section, and now..

2. Private group's members only see their OWN group's private posts in 'Show Latest Posts' and 'Forum Search'.

Not sure why / or how Kunena forums still works in groups after disabling them, but it seems to have fixed the privacy issue I was reporting.


Groupjive 1.8 b5 / Kunena 1.5.7

Kind Regards

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12 years 6 months ago #122818 by GWS2
Replied by GWS2 on topic Re:Private Forums

Background: As we know, the creation of new groups simultaneously creates private forums in Kunena.

However, I previously added two child forums to a private forum using Kunena admin.(as I saw no way to do this in GJ)

By disabling all the GJ forums to fix the privacy issue, as described in previous post, the child groups created in Kunena, now do not appear in the groups private forum.


If the sub-forums are enable (so that they can appear in private Group forum), then we get back to that original issue, where the posts appear in the "Show Latest Post and 'Forum Searches' that non members can view/& access private forums.

Anyone know a way around this GJ forum sub category issue?

Kind Regards

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