Conditional fields and values

14 years 1 month ago #1881 by mikko
Seems to work, at least with latest firefox. I will post the plugin shortly.
14 years 1 month ago #1960 by mikko
There is a demo online:

See details in my latest blog entry. Please also post feedback there.

List Tab and Extended Select plugins should work fine with mozilla and firefox. Conditions has a few bugs still.

14 years 1 month ago #2058 by mikko
Now it all works with IE and FF.

for testing, please use username test and password test12

14 years 1 month ago #2266 by crash777
mikko wrote:

Now it all works with IE and FF.

for testing, please use username test and password test12


Tried logging in but not sure what I am looking for... (or how to implement "conditions" in the admin end)...
14 years 1 month ago #2384 by mikko
I just updated the readme. Here are the instructions:

Configuring a condition

This plugin does not have an administrative userinterface, but is configured by inserting things into Joomla database. This is by design, but it might change in the future.

How to make field/option conditional:

1) Create a condition to #__comprofiler_conditions

Go to the database and insert a new row to #__comprofiler_conditions. The field column contains the name of the CB field that is monitored for the condition (the name always starts with 'cb_'). The value column contains the case sensitive value that the fields has to have to make this condition true. The id-column is filled in automatically. Insert the row and write down the id.

2) Edit conditionid column in the field or option table

Got to table #__comprofiler_fields or #__comprofiler_field_values and modify the conditionid column. Change this column to the previously written down id for all those fields and options that you wish to become visible when the previously defined condition is true. Note that you can define only one condition for one row and that row (field or option) is visible only when the condition is true.

To get the conditions working you _must_ publish the tab that the plugin created. The tab must be _after_ all the fields that have conditions attached.

14 years 1 week ago #3551 by gaz36f
Firstly, thanks for this plugin. It is just what I need.

However, I am having problems getting it to work.

1. I have installed the plugin and published....success!

2. I have created a field called cb_testing in the conditions tab

3. I have created two values in this cb_testing field; '1' and '2'

4. I have gone into my SQL database and in the jos_compiler_conditions and inserted a row with the following:

field: cb_testing
value: 1
Id: 1 (this autoincremented by default as you rightly indicated)

5. I have gone into compiler_field and under a new field entitled cb_testingcond I have changed the conditionid from NULL to 1

Is this right?

For some reason, the cb_testingcond always shows regardless of the value in cb_testing

Thanks and best wishes,

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