Problems with Offline Payment Gateway

11 years 7 months ago #117354 by michaedt
Problems with Offline Payment Gateway was created by michaedt
I've been using this plugin for over a year (I was in the test group), and it's been great!

One oversight--I think--for which I can't find a work-around, is some missing pieces of the offline payment gateway work flow.

Specifically, when users select and confirm the offline plan (thereby activating offline payment into the "pending" state), there is no landing page to confirm that they have completed the process. Yes, I realize that the initial pages of the gateway tell them to send their check and to confirm their offline payment by clicking a link, but it would be nice to let them know that they have finished the process.

Perhaps more important, it would be great if there was some mention of the pending payment in the users profile.

I speak from experience. Many members (more than I care to count) click through the offline payment process more than once--thus creating multiple baskets--because they are waiting for some confirmation that the system is expecting their money. Would there be a way to add something to the users profile, such as "Offline Payment in process, please send payment. You will be notified when your plan is activated".

Just to be sure, am I missing a setting in the subs component that would solve these issues?

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