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10 years 10 months ago #225883 by danmanc
I'm new to joomla / community builder, and trying to create a relatively complex setup with multiple joomla extensions / bridges. Community builder seems to be the best setup for creating the community I'm trying to achieve, and has many registration customisation which is exactly what I need.
Before I subscribe to pro so I can get access to the relative addons etc... I have a question about functionality is anyone could help / advise.
All extensions successfully setup registration from the single form, and accept the basic generic details from the standard joomla / community builder form. Though this is just name, username , email etc..
Ideally I want to have a single registration form for ALL aspects of my site instead of signing up, then having to fill in ALL additional information required by all my other extensions. My extension include :
Joocart / jcart
Obviously there are many great looking community builder registration form creators / customisers, but from what i can tell they all simply allow the creation of fields instead of collecting information for existing extension / database fields.
This may be clear as mud from my description, and what I'm trying to achieve may be totally unacheiveable / require custom programming, but any advice / help with this issue in any way would be an unbelievable help to me as I'm definitely punching above my weight.
For reference the website is
Thanks for your time

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