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13 years 8 months ago #8649 by dardo36
hey guys how r u

ok this is my question...i would like to add a new item to the "CB Menu BAR" (no joomla menu)... it should be call gallery ...does any one know how do get it?

i will appreciate ur seggestions
13 years 8 months ago #8673 by kober
You must manualy edit the in plug_cbmenu there is an example in this file how to do this :)
13 years 8 months ago #8682 by dardo36
Tnx kober for ur help ...hey what do u mean "this file" u mean the or u uploaded something with the message ? just in case if u uploaded something let me tell this is blank
13 years 8 months ago #8754 by kober
this file is :)
13 years 8 months ago #8903 by Aligator21
Can you be more speciefic? (my english sucks :p)
i didnt find any example :/

Online Games
13 years 6 months ago #14810 by bzn
edit and search for:

[code:1] "<img src=\"".$adminimagesdir."delavatar.gif\" alt='' />","", _UE_MENU_DELETE_AVATAR_DESC,""«»);[/code:1]

add this for example:
// Jump to bottom:
if ($my->id == $user->id) {
$mi = array(); $mi["_UE_MENU_EDIT"]["_UE_JUMPTOBOTTOM"]=null;
$this->menuBar->addObjectItem($mi, _UE_JUMPTOBOTTOM,sefRelToAbs($ue_jumptobottom), "",
"<img src=\"".$adminimagesdir."updateprofile.gif\" alt='' />","", _UE_MENU_UPDATEPROFILE_DESC,""«»);

then have a look some lines above and search for:
[code:1] $adminimagesdir = "components/com_comprofiler/images/";
and after that line add this for example:
[code:1] $ue_jumptobottom = $ue_base_url."#bottom"; // Jump to bottom

note: if you want to use my example, you need to add this line to your footer (or at the end of your index.php) of you joomla template:
[code:1]<span id="bottom"></span>[/code:1]
and you need to define _UE_JUMPTOBOTTOM in your language file

I used this to give people a link to the profile gallery

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