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12 years 8 months ago #138176 by KatoKalin
Replied by KatoKalin on topic Something on the SEF part
Maybe there is a way to implement a solution for following scenario.
If you want SEF Urls like www.domain.com/username then you need a SEF component like Joomsef. In order to create those short URLs, all non-sef profile URLs must get fetched once, so that Joomsef can store them in its databse and create the SEF-Urls from it.
This can be easily done by creating a userlist with all users and accessing it. This triggers the automatic process in Joomsef to create the SEF-URLs.
However to make sure that the Joomsef database is up-to-date and contains all latest profile URLs, it would be necessary to acces the userlist frequently preferably every time a new user has registered and once everytime the Joomsef databse have been purged.

So maybe it is possible to add some kind of a support for such a SEF solution to keep their database up to date at all times.

Maybe it is even more simple as for Joomsef profile URLs of new registered users a call to JRoute::_() function with the new profile's URL somewhere in the PHP would be enough. Maybe there is something that can be done for those SEF components to get better attached to CB.

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12 years 8 months ago #138361 by KatoKalin
Replied by KatoKalin on topic Loginname vs. Username
For additional security I suggest to make a difference between login name and username in the future.

The usernames get displayed at various places. So for an attacker it is easy becauase he has to guess only the corresponding passwords (and we know most passwords are weak)

Now if you make username independent from loginname, an attacker would have to guess the combination between username AND password correctly to get access. But of course we know that most users will use the same username for loginname.

So you would furthermore need to add an option to forbid username = loginname. TATA!!

Would be great if this can be implemented.

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12 years 8 months ago #138432 by tschersich
Replied by tschersich on topic Re:Loginname vs. Username
1. Add a new variable field type with two correspondig Dropdown-Boxes such as Select Country and the select region based on the country. The third Party Plugin for Country Select is not flexible enough for all operations needed, e.g. Head organisation -> Choose sub-organisation -> Choose town located.

2. Add a multiple field type e.g. for adding occupation/company/year and then press '+' for another occupation/company/year

3. Make fields searchable by clicking on the link. Take a look at XING Profiles and you'll see what I mean.

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12 years 8 months ago #138630 by KatoKalin
Replied by KatoKalin on topic More flexibility on registration
I would like to see more flexibility and interactivity on the registration page itself:

1. Conditional fields:
- For example a checkbox field, that users have to check, before the can start or proceed with the registration or enter a value into a field. This would be needed, if users have to acknowledge something, before they can go on.

- For example fields that only show up if certain values have been entered in fields before. For example age dependent fields. If a user is below a certain age he has to fill in othere fields than users who are above a certain age.

2. Multiple fields
Expecially on email fields, you could never have enough. If you want users to enter their email addresses you have users who only have 1 and users who have 5 or ten. So a field routing for multiple values would be good. It could work that way that there is a checkbos next to the multiple field and if the user checks this box, a new empty field appears where he can enter an additional value. If he checks the checkbox again, a new field appears, and so on and so on.

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12 years 8 months ago #138631 by KatoKalin
Replied by KatoKalin on topic Force profile completeness
There should be at least 2 ways to force profile completeness:

1. When user logs in, there should be a configurable display (like popup or module or something) that shows how much of the profile of the logged in user has been filled with data.

2. Forced completeness: It might happen, that in backend there is the need to add a new required field. While all new registrations have to fill it out upon registration, all existing users will not even notice that there is a new field.
Therefor, there should be able to make a forced redirect for all users to the profile edit page after they have logged in. If the new field is set to required it must be ensured, that they cannot leave the page before entering the appropriate value into the new required field. This redirection should behave smart, so that only users get redirected who have empty fields which are required.

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12 years 8 months ago #138635 by KatoKalin
Replied by KatoKalin on topic User expiration
User expiration on certain events. For example Date of birth, if user has passed a certain age.

This would need to be checked in certain intervalls. If a user has expired, an configurable account action should happen. This could range from doing nothing to delete account, but it should include a new status "expired". So it does not get automatically deleted and get a special icon in the backend, so it can distinguished from other disabled accounts.

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