[SOLVED] Login/ CB registration page link not working

9 years 5 months ago #148252 by krileon

Shouldn't it be: www.ccsfgis.org/component/comprofiler/login

No the CB login module URLs will use the Itemid to the Registration page if there is a menu link to registration.

Any ideas how to fix?

Please upgrade to CB 1.3.1.

What SEF are you using? Only default configured Joomla SEF is supported. Please disable all other SEF. Please also confirm if issue still present with Joomla SEF disabled (if enabled and used) and provide the NON-SEF URLs (as well as the blank landing page).

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9 years 5 months ago #148405 by mosim
Upgraded to 1.3.1.

Not using any other SEF - just joomla.

Turned the joomla SEF off and still receive blank page. Not sure what urls you're asking for but this is the only url for the Login button, the blank page, and when pressing refresh on the blank page:


9 years 5 months ago #148406 by nant
I just tried your website.

Registration process seems ok.
When I login I appear to be redirected to the following URL:

[code:1] www.ccsfgis.org/%20%A1%D1%D1%C0%E8%BC%BD%DD%DD%DC%B9%8D%8D%CD%99%9D%A5%CC%B9%BD%C9%9C%BC [/code:1]

Which gives a 404 error (not blabk page for me).

Are you redirecting logged in users to some other page?
Maybe from the CB Login module?
Or by some other method/plugin?
9 years 5 months ago #148449 by mosim
Hi Nant -

Yes, the registration process seems to go fine for me as well. However, as you found out the login process is not working properly.

The url you reference is from using Mozilla Firefox, while the url and blank page is what I receive from IE8.

There is no redirect parameters for newly registered users (no redirect or first time login). Only users who have paid for a subscription are redirected and those login work fine. There are no subs for new users or auto group for new users.

No other modules or parameters I can think of. Do you need to see the back-end?

Thanks for you help.

Post edited by: mosim, at: 2010/12/12 00:05
9 years 5 months ago #148460 by nant
mosim wrote:

Only users who have paid for a subscription are redirected and those login work fine. There are no subs for new users or auto group for new users.

How/what are you using for paid subscriptions?

Please follow our Help Us Help You link and provide full details about your environment.
9 years 5 months ago #148921 by mosim
Followed the Help Us Help You list and found that a plugin was conflicting with the upgrade to CB 131.

Thank you for your patience and help.
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