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12 years 8 months ago #149727 by Dolinda
Creating a Menu and Sub Menu list was created by Dolinda
Dear Forum Support:

Basically, I just want to build a Menu and sub menu that visitors can search by to view the users that fall in the categories selected.

I am not sure if this topic has been addressed here. If so, kindly directly me to it and I will review. I am new to this site and I have searched for instructions on how to create and display a Menu List and sub menu list but have not found any articles that specifically show how to build these lists step by step. I have reviewed both the CB and CB Subs Manual as well as this Forum but just can't seem to find exactly what I need to get this task completed.

The first menu list will show a group of categories that the visitors can sort by. By the way, the site is a sport site. Visitors can select a General Sport and then a specific sport to search users by.

Attached is a screen capture of the old site that displays two menus (named categories) on the left upper side of the site that displays first the sub category menu and right below it the initial category menu. When you first visit the site you only get the initial category menu of "Sport, Motorsport, etc.). Once you select a category that menu drops down and brings up the sub category with the additions options and as you can see the sorted userlist results are displayed in the main body of the site.

The second screen capture attached is that of the replica Joomla site in development. I've tried several ways of creating these two menus but still am having trouble replicating it.

I have used GroupJive but was told by support I should use CB's Userlist and create fields to sort by to create these menu lists. I managed to build the menu module that allows me to point to the users list but just can't seem to link the required fields that they are needed to sort by and of course more importantly display the menu lists similar to the original site as in the first screen shot.

Please advise. Thank you kindly in advance.


P.S. I am having trouble attaching the images here so please feel free to review the original site at and the Joomla Development site at and review the menu lists on the upper left hand side of the sites.

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CB isn't a menu manager or anything of the sort. If you need menu links to userlists you simply create them. They are a sub-category of Community Builder when creating internal menus in Joomla.

For detailed instructions on building a userlist I recommend subscribing for the documentation, I know it may sound like a broken record, but it gets tedious to repeat the same instructions over and over; thus the documentation was born.

Userlists are created from Userlist Management in Community Builders backend within Joomla. To filter by a field simply review the Filter options of the userlist, it's pretty straight forward. Example as follows.

Field Equal To "Baseball"


Field LIKE "%baseball%"


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