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6 months 2 weeks ago - 6 months 2 weeks ago #310836 by andrei-34567
People help please, I don't understand why the logo with the same settings on different pages change location. The two links will be below the logo (top left corner) Bouncing on 15 px

#gkLogo img

Please, if anyone knows, I'll do my best to thank you. Thanks.

I understand that this is not an easy task, because the style is one and nothing affects it. I don't understand I might would understand, but I don't know at a loss in what direction to dig. Please tell me and I will reward as some will agree.
6 months 1 week ago #310986 by andrei-34567
Thanks everyone! already decided. If anyone has a similar problem with jumping blocks in joomla when switching between plugins (especially in virtuemart and the theme Gk_shop_and_buy then I did this: hide the block with the logo and in its place attached another block, but not exactly in its place, and its location and everything is OK! Was it so hard to tell me? you can check for yourself genakom/EN
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