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14 years 3 months ago #2914 by stevebor1
I wasnt sure if this should be under showcase, because im not finished yet.

I have my site in its beta stage and i need some help ironing out the trouble spots and needed info:

CB - Still need help getting a comment/guestbook feature in the profile tab areas.

CB/Zoom - Limit the number of photos that can be uploaded per member.

CB Member list/Joomlaboard threads - i need padding so the words arent against the edge.

CB mod random profile etc - center avatar when selected horizonal and show 1 profile ; i currently have it set to vert and 1 profile and it centers it for me.

CB - Create custom Tabs like "Joomlapolitan Card" on this site.

If anyone can point me in those directions to help me out, that would be extremely appreciated!

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