Configuration page in CB blank

13 years 11 months ago #6345 by andyahoo
I'll bet someone knows exactly what's going on. Hopefully that person checks this thread out.

Does your hosting provider specialize in Joomla? Maybe you could open a ticket with their support.

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Joomla! 1.0.9
CB 1.0

13 years 11 months ago #6347 by ballplayer
My host does not specialize in Joomla ;) I will ask if they can check it out.

13 years 11 months ago #6349 by Raj
Try a fresh install of Joomla, with no other components or modules installed. Then add CB and see what happens.

If CB works, then you either have a corrupted file in Joomla somewhere, or a conflict with one of the other modules or components.

I'm guessing, but this strategy helps you locate the problem. If CB works, then you can add your other components and modules one by one, testing CB again after each.

If CB doesn't work, then there's something going on with the configuration of your server or PHP or something, and it's something subtle...something which allows Joomla to work but not CB.


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13 years 11 months ago #6393 by sheaver
I have the exact same issue....

if anyone much smarter than me can help I would be eternally gratefull...

Below is some of my System Info

PHP built On: Windows NT BLACKSUN 5.0 build 2195
Database Version: 5.0.17-nt
PHP Version: 5.1.2
Web Server:Apache/2.0.55 (Win32) mod_python/3.2.5b Python/2.4.2 PHP/5.1.2
WebServer to PHP interface: apache2handler
Joomla! Version: Joomla! 1.0.7 Stable [ Sunburst ] 15-Jan-2006 20:00 UTC
User Agent:Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20060111 Firefox/

Relevant PHP Settings:

Safe Mode: OFF
Open basedir: none
Display Errors: ON
Short Open Tags: ON
File Uploads: ON
Magic Quotes: ON
Register Globals: OFF
Output Buffering: OFF
Session save path: C:\PHP\tmp\Sessiondata
Session auto start: 0
XML enabled: Yes
Zlib enabled: Yes
Disabled Functions: none
13 years 11 months ago #6446 by Raj
You could download the Uniform Server and try it on your local drive. The Uniform Server is self contained, and makes no modifications to your registry. This would at least let you work on your website community while issues on your internet server are being (hopefully) fixed.

13 years 11 months ago #6666 by joomward
I have a linux server as a dev machine at home where I installed joomla 1.0.7 and CB 1.0 RC2 and it works flawless.

The prod machine is a sun box where I only have FTP access and the CB config part behaves exactly the same. I've tried with a clean 1.0.7 and a clean 1.0.5 joomla and only a CB 1.0 RC2 upload afterwards.

It seems as though the configuration manager looses the joomla framework on load...

It must have something to do with the hosting platform, because when I do a flat copy of the existing site, behaviour is identical

Is there a way to put this pages in debug mode?

dev config:
PHP built On: Linux stimpy 2.6.12-10-386 #1 Mon Jan 16 17:18:08 UTC 2006 i686
Database Version: 4.0.24_Debian-10ubuntu2-log
PHP Version: 5.0.5-2ubuntu1.1
Web Server: Apache/2.0.54 (Ubuntu) PHP/5.0.5-2ubuntu1.1
WebServer to PHP interface: apache2handler
Joomla! Version: Joomla! 1.0.7 Stable [ Sunburst ] 15-Jan-2006 20:00 UTC

prod config:
PHP built On: SunOS 5.8 Generic_117000-03 sun4u
Database Version: 3.23.58
PHP Version: 4.4.0
Web Server: Apache/1.3.33 (Unix)
WebServer to PHP interface: cgi
Joomla! Version: Joomla! 1.0.5 Stable [ Sunspot ] 24-Dec-2005 10:00 UTC

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