User directories... and a couple other issues

16 years 5 days ago #4267 by evinh
Forgive me if the answer to this is posted elsewhere...

When a user creates a gallery, can't this somehow force a top level directory of this users name? I've got several users now creating galleries at the top level, and looking at the gallery you have no idea who owns what. It would be sweet if the zoom gallery created a gallery by default of that user's name, and that user could only post and create galleries under that gallery.

Is this already possible, and i'm just overlooking it?

Also, anyone else get this message:

Warning: getimagesize(/var/www/vhosts/,_speed_by_relaxing.mpeg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 99

This seems to happen when someone uploads a video clip that the system doesn't like. It's in the correct format, but what I'm wondering is if there is a size limit on video clips... I can't find any parameter to set this, but I'm assuming there's one anyway. Anyone else have such an issue?

Thanks so much, and please be easy on me if I'm overlooking obvious answers that I'm just too ignorant to see!

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16 years 5 days ago #4282 by PeterMixt
Replied by PeterMixt on topic Re:User directories... and a couple other issues
If I understand correctly, you are asking functionality/operational questions about zOOm. These questions might best to be asked at the forums on the zOOm website. You should find others there with similar questions (one would hope).


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