Exporting and Importing users - simple steps ?

7 years 11 months ago #180964 by gingerweb
I have a CB installation which i am moving to another domain. I have about 1500 users.
i have CB1.7 (Joomla 1.5) installed on the current domain and on the new one. All i want to do is import all the users as they are in the old setup - no changes at all are required and i dont need to inform them of the change either.
I have exported the csv file using cbjuice (no issues here and i havent opened the csv file to avoid corruption).
on the new installation of cb1.7 when i try and import the file, whatever i change in the cbjuice "Process CSV's" section i just get a short delay and then :

The delimiter is undefined

comes up and nothing is imported.

I am sure this must be the simplest of requirements for this software so can someone instruct me as to which setting i have wrong for this please?
many thanks
7 years 11 months ago #180965 by jciconsult
In the settings/configuration section up in the top right, simply press the save button. One of the problems with Joomla is that there is no easy connection between the configuration file and the actual settings information which are stored in a table. You have to do an initial SAVE of the settings to initialize the system.
7 years 11 months ago #180966 by gingerweb
thanks - got that done and thought i was getting somewhere briefly!

I tries to Import my userfile and after it thinks about it for about 30 secs it then asks me if i want to save or open a new file ?

i have tried a couple of different settings but it does the same - all i want is the data to go in exactly the same as it came out on the other domain, can you set me straight please?!
7 years 11 months ago #180969 by jciconsult
1) You should be using the process csvs option with the add radio button set NOT the default EDIT.
2) The SAVE function is to dump EXISTING users to a csv file.
7 years 11 months ago #180970 by gingerweb
Well it is trying to import but i am now getting this and no import is happening:

CB Version =1.7
Array ( [0] => name."username"."email"."password"."block"."sendEmail"."registerDate"."lastvisitDate"."activation"."params"."firstname"."middlename"."lastname"."hits"."message_last_sent"."message_number_sent"."avatar"."avatarapproved"."approved"."confirmed"."lastupdatedate"."registeripaddr"."cbactivation"."banned"."banneddate"."unbanneddate"."bannedby"."unbannedby"."bannedreason"."acceptedterms"."website"."location"."occupation"."interests"."company"."address"."city"."state"."zipcode"."country"."phone"."fax"."twitter_userid"."fb_userid"."cb_pgenable"."cb_pgautopublish"."cb_pgautoapprove"."cb_pgshortgreeting"."cb_pgtotalquotasize"."cb_pgtotalquotaitems"."cb_pguploadsize"."cb_pgtotalitems"."cb_pgtotalsize"."cb_pglastupdate"."cb_pgaccessmode"."cb_pgdisplayformat"."privacy_settings"."cb_pb_enable"."cb_pb_autopublish"."cb_pb_notifyme"."cb_pb_enable_blog"."cb_pb_enable_wall"."cb_pb_autopublish_wall"."cb_pb_notifyme_wall"."cb_golfclub"."cb_handicap"."cb_ballused"."cb_greatestachievementtodate"."cb_ironmake"."cb_woodsmake"."cb_clubcounty"."cb_malefemale"."cb_dob"."cb_howdidyouhear"."gj_autojoin"."fc_userid"."usertype" )

name."username"."email"."password"."block"."sendEmail"."registerDate"."lastvisitDate"."activation"."params"."firstname"."middlename"."lastname"."hits"."message_last_sent"."message_number_sent"."avatar"."avatarapproved"."approved"."confirmed"."lastupdatedate"."registeripaddr"."cbactivation"."banned"."banneddate"."unbanneddate"."bannedby"."unbannedby"."bannedreason"."acceptedterms"."website"."location"."occupation"."interests"."company"."address"."city"."state"."zipcode"."country"."phone"."fax"."twitter_userid"."fb_userid"."cb_pgenable"."cb_pgautopublish"."cb_pgautoapprove"."cb_pgshortgreeting"."cb_pgtotalquotasize"."cb_pgtotalquotaitems"."cb_pguploadsize"."cb_pgtotalitems"."cb_pgtotalsize"."cb_pglastupdate"."cb_pgaccessmode"."cb_pgdisplayformat"."privacy_settings"."cb_pb_enable"."cb_pb_autopublish"."cb_pb_notifyme"."cb_pb_enable_blog"."cb_pb_enable_wall"."cb_pb_autopublish_wall"."cb_pb_notifyme_wall"."cb_golfclub"."cb_handicap"."cb_ballused"."cb_greatestachievementtodate"."cb_ironmake"."cb_woodsmake"."cb_clubcounty"."cb_malefemale"."cb_dob"."cb_howdidyouhear"."gj_autojoin"."fc_userid"."usertype" is not valid

Terminating because of undefined header variables

I am exporting and importing on the same settings i thought and i dont want to change anything - is there a simple way to do this please?
7 years 11 months ago #180971 by jciconsult
It looks to me like you have used a period as the delimiter not a comma. Open the file with wordpad or notepad++ and look at it carefully.
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