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11 years 5 months ago #70718 by civalp
To see the following issues, go to:
Go to "CareGiver Listings" in the left column.

1. De-activation: we are working on a "Job Search" kind of website, and we would like the 'Registered Applicants' to be able to De-activate their profile if/when they are no longer available for a job. Can we allow them to do this? If so, how?

2. In the 'Registered Candidates' (front-end) list, can we control what the 'pop-up' says when you mouseover a persons image? We would like it to 'pop-up' the user's First Name (instead of the UserName that pops up now.)

3. In the 'Registered Candidates' (front-end) list, sometimes a little 'Clock' shows up instead of their uploaded picture. When I create a New Registered user, and I upload a picture, it works fine. I can't reproduce this. But it happens to many of our candidates. Any insight here? What's the little 'Clock' mean. (Pending? What does 'Pending' mean?)
11 years 5 months ago #70736 by beat
1. define a field in CB "searchingJob" yes/no, then use that to filter list.

2. No, you would have to change in cb.core.php ... Unless, you decide to publish names, then it should follow (see CB configuration / name display)

3. you installed mod_comprofilermoderator module ? those are picture uploaded by users, waiting for your approval (in cb 1.2 RC 2 you can do that too in backend user edit, but 1 by 1, while in frontend as moderatory you can approve all at once)

See manual for more info ;)

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