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Hi all,

I need some help...

I tried the installation via component > install
and had the following error :
> Failed to move uploaded file to /media directory

No pb, I try via Ftp, copied the files in www/mambo/administrator/components/com_installer/component/comprofile
and had the folowing error :
> Another component is already using directory:

I imagine the previous try had left some files so via Ftp I went to "/www/mambo/components/com_comprofiler/"
and try to delete the files... Impossible !
I have the following error :
> 550 Remove directory operation failed.

So I tried to change the CHMOD of all files and subdirectories to 777.
> SITE CHMOD 777 /www/mambo/components/com_comprofiler/plugin/user
[R] 550 SITE CHMOD command failed.

Now I dont know anymore, I looked on the forum but nothing seems to help....

Note : I installed it 2 days ago and uninstalled it after via the control panel but, thats my first site and I was looking for a membership subscription component so I uninstall it ... dont ask me why !!! So stupid

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