Can no longer install plugins ...

13 years 5 months ago #80255 by rawoody
Can no longer install plugins ... was created by rawoody
I have not had an issue with this until now. I wanted to uninstall a plugin that I installed a few days ago, as it was in French (I needed to translate to English). So I went to the Plug-In manager and did a proper uninstall. I edited the XML file as there were only a couple of lines that needed to be changed, re-zipped the package and tried to reinstall. I got the failure stating the folders were still there (plugin already exists). So using FTP, I removed the folder and tried again. This time I got a new error -
- unable to create directory. Immediately thought that I had done something incorrect in my changes, so I reviewed the plugin - I made sure that no new folders were created in the re-install attempt and tried again. No joy.

To test further I tried to install another plugin. Same issue. Now I can't install any plugins. I get the error each time, that the folder cannot be created. Prior to this I had added several plugins to CB without issue. This only happen "after" I uninstalled the one plugin.

I only have one other CB install, but I've not run into this before. Often times I've had to manually remove the folders when doing uninstalls from components to modules and never had an issue that I could no longer use the install feature.

Can someone advise what could cause this and what steps I should take to correct? I really need to work on this site and this issue has me at a stand still.


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13 years 5 months ago #80256 by rawoody
Replied by rawoody on topic Re:Can no longer install plugins ...
This is really strange, but I went back and changed the directory permission on the user folder to 777 and can once again install plugins. Odd that it worked for installation of five others without this change.

Oh well, at least it works now.

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