Users communicate with eachother via email

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Users communicate with eachother via email was created by skitch1186
I'm having trouble sending email from one user's profile to one of their connections using the "send email" icon beneath their connections picture.

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but after the past week of getting the run-around with my host on actually getting acajoom and community builder to work, i'm hoping this won't be as difficult.

To further clarify, my problem is, when my members log in on joomla, and go to "my contacts" and open up the "my connections" tab, they see the profile picture of the people they've added as connections. Below their picture is an icon to go to their profile, which works just fine, but the issue I'm having is with the envelope icon, which is supposed to be able to send an email to that connection. When you click on it, it opens up an email screen, and you can enter your subject and whatever message you want, then click send. It then says that the message was sent, but when I've tested this, no emails get sent to any email account I've tried. Is there something I've missed in the configuration or an addon plugin I need to install or what? Please help!

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