stack overflow at line 0 french solution

12 years 1 month ago #60636 by poison44fr

I found a lot of post with the same problems for french translation.

when you submit your registration page,with IE or firefox you hear a lot of "clik clik clik clik" like lot of submited click and you obtain a error message :
stack overflow at line: 0

in fact in the french.php:
we had some:
etc etc

i replaced them by
etc etc

the file modified

sorry for my bad english...

Best regards
12 years 1 month ago #61646 by Scorpiorider
i dont understand

contact me please

PS: i m french :D

12 years 1 month ago #61666 by poison44fr

This is the french.php files fixed.

Enjoy ;)


Attachment not found

11 years 1 month ago #96360 by levelkro
Vu que c'est un problème avec la langue francaise peu tu svp dévolleper la solution pour corriger le problème du Stack Overflow ?

When this is a French problem, you can add your solution for fix this problem for the Stack Overflow ?
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