Text editor for Profile Book is very Slow??

13 years 1 month ago #95679 by prilly
I like the new Profile Book items: guest book, blog and Wall. But the text editor barely functions on my site. I can type an entire paragraph (blindly) before any words appear in the text area. It's so slow that I can't use them, which is frustrating because I do need a "Wall" and I like the simple but effective design.

I've noticed that it works the same way on other sites, so is my computer blocking something? I don't see any complaints from anyone in the Forums about performance. Do I need to activate something in IE7?

I am wondering if there's a fix-able reason for the extremely slow response time. Any help appreciated...

Or, is it possible to replace the editor with another one? I installed two other editor programs on my site and it appears that they are available to front end users as well (according to the settings.) But that didn't seem to apply to the Profile Book blog or Wall.

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13 years 3 days ago #99808 by schmatzler
Replied by schmatzler on topic Re:Text editor for Profile Book is very Slow??
I experience the same problem on Profilebook RC2, reagardless of what a powerful oder -less machine I am using.
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13 years 3 days ago #99832 by prilly
I found the problem: it was a javascript conflict. I was having many problems with javascript so I removed all javascript apps from my template (jquery, highslide, mootools, etc.). Every time I put one of those java apps on my site, something went wrong somewhere. Without java, my site works much better.

I was even having login errors because of javascript. Everybody likes the fancy java stuff on their templates but now I don't think it's a good idea. Too many problems!!

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13 years 3 days ago #99833 by Rapunzl
Thanks for the update prilly. Your post may help others, so I'm upping your karma!

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