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13 years 10 months ago #99507 by tbream
This suggestion refers to "CB_1.2_STABLE_v1.0.pdf" - specifically the discussion on Predefined CB Fields (6.1) that begins on page 115.

You skip over formatname in your discussion, and then when you talk about name, you note that it matches the CMS name field.

I think to add clarity correctly as I now understand it, name, firstname, middlename and lastname are all present in order to afford the flexibility required so that CB can handle whatever option is selected in the Name Style configuration parameter on the General tab.

Depending on what is selected as an option, formatname is the target where the a single field compilation of the name is formatted before it is passed off to the CMS.

Thus to be accurate, isn't it true that in reality, the name isn't the one that overtly matches the CMS name field, but rather it is the formatname that matches the CMS name field?

(Yes, if you chose Single Name Field as your option it would match also, but in reality in this case, the contents of the Single Name Field would be used to feed formatname directly, and thus it would only indirectly match the CMS name field)

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