CBSubs 1.1 released with more features and more payment gateways

11 years 3 hours ago #147124 by beat
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CBSubs 1.1 is released, finally !

Many many thanks to all who contributed to CBSubs, actually a lot of people.

Here quickly the Changelog:

New Features (37)

1033 Add option to CB Settings to hide user-profile tab
1037 Emails and URL integration plugins should be able to substitute also [plan_id], [subscription_id], and where applicable (replaced by a 0 if not available): [replaced_plan_id], [parent_plan_id], [parent_subscription_id]
1126 SQL integrations plugin : allow for external databases
1185 SQL Actions missing important triggers for queries
1284 2co gateway
1305 renew, subscribe, and unsubscribe buttons all have same class add new classes for each for better styling
1334 Add date filters to payments
1345 VAT : add support for taxes inside CBSubs.
1356 Add parameter for gateways URL
1363 : AVS support for AIM and for ARB
1373 Add Cron URL for mass-expiries, or front-end continuous expiries
1440 Subsitution support for fields not shown on registration for usage with CBSubs
1441 Filter subscriptions by subscription date, last renewed date and by expiry date
1700 Translation of administration area is missing
1705 CBSubs displays Subscriptions tab also when there is nothing to display
1747 Add filtering on user subscriptions state and expiry date in CB users managent backend, as well as mass mailing support
1771 CBSubs module: do not encode
1804 Add CBSubs Acymailing integration
1807 Add substitutions for CBSubs selected plan's subscriptions to CB backend mass-mailing
1854 Integrations : CB Fields : add substitutions support to CB Fields
1900 Paypal Return to merchant before paying should redisplay basket instead of cancelling purchase
1907 Ogone payment gateway
1911 In invoicing address form: Do not ask to input state to be "other" if not in US, Canada, Australia
1912 In invoicing address form: VAT number should only be asked for companies
1913 Extend setting for mass-expiries to mass-expire only in cron task and set number of expiries per cron run
1975 Add third choice for spontaneously show: by url only
1997 Add totalizers to baskets (for sales taxes but other future uses too)
2004 Implement CBSubs templates with standard overrides possibilities (not encrypted and installable)
2039 Do not show checkbox or radio when there is only one choice to uprgrade to
2046 Add EU VAT Number validation for export without taxes
2050 Paypal: transmit customer address, as well as optionally email and phone number
2051 Add description of supported gateways and links for information and sign-ups
2056 Make entire plans descriptions clickable to select them on registration and upgrades
2057 Integrations: AlphaUserPoints: use new API for showing and applying rules
2058 Integrations : GoogleAnalytics : new analytics code to track basket and all items in basket
2059 Integrations : PostAfiliatesPro PAP : new cookies codes checker for backend for new PAP version and PAP library has updated
2101 Joomla 1.6 beta adaptations for Content integration plugin (ACL)

Minor Bug-Fixes (92)

1285 Paypal "Denied" updates basket fine but not payment record
1289 Plan first login URL redirect not functioning
1292 Submitting an article using plan content restrictions not practical
1298 notice: Undefined variable: thisIsReferencePayment in
1314 When hiding fields on registration that are set to display on 2 lines it does not hide the field
1320 Pay offline in backend stores wrong date with Date format exactly: dd/mm/yyyy
1321 CBSubs unable to reach license server results in blank screen instead of error
1324 vm integration not setting correct shopper group at registration
1328 Integrations : Docman : Docman plugin doesn't look if other active subscriptions still allow access to a group before removing the user
1338 cbsubs content by module protection restricting admins
1347 Merchandises -> Merchandise misspelling and add admin_ language file to loads
1348 Move div cbregCCseal outside the credit-card form, to avoid interference with form validations
1349 hidden required textareas fail to validate on registration
1359 Subscription title appears in registration form, even if no plan exists!
1362 Subscription expiry within a content item : Fatal error - undefined function cbFormatDate
1370 IDevAff Integration: Paypal purchases not registering
1387 Add another protection level to invoices
1388 Improve licensing: one more redundant license-server + clusters-support
1405 Backend plans should also show for upgrades if "Propose spontaneously plan for upgrades" is set to NO
1409 Basket filter produces wrong total
1413 Graceful handling of missing required system libraries
1418 PHP 5.2.0 - 5.2.5 (unpatched) bug workaround needed
1420 hiding and show of fields based on plan selection at registration when using IE8 fails to function
1421 click EDIT button for accessing CB Paid Subscriptions plugin displays "The plugin CB Core has no administrator file components/com_comprofiler/plugin/user/plug_cbcore/admin.cb.core.php"
1422 documentation change for [emailaddress]
1432 Paypal: when a payment gets Denied or Failed the basket payment_status updates fine but not the payment
1442 : merchant authorization Label should say Transaction Key clearly
1448 Add the admin module to the CBSubs package
1461 by url parts failing on urls with no itemid
1462 cbsubs docman integration query error
1469 CB field substitution not working in email confirmation email when CB field is set by CBSubs
1470 Activation email from CBSubs email integration plugin does not handle field substitutions
1471 cbpaidsubsbot Koowa 0.6.x conflict with Nooku Content
1474 Can not edit CBSubs plugin in backend when it is not published
1552 Check for IonCube presence in cbpaidsubsbot
1575 readmore protected articles are not having itemid appended when visiting registration
1590 ARB: Check that an upgrade to another exclusive pro-rated plan does indeed unsubscribe the ARB
1612 random RNs being added to input textareas in cbsubs settings
1628 protected tab content nulled when access is lost
1635 not handling initial validity duration correctly
1664 protected modules not visible to super administrators
1669 Bug in Donation drop-down not showing value input on first click (but on second yes) in Google Chrome
1674 Verify Password field for extra CB password fieldtypes still shows up in CBSubs
1675 Required Editor and textarea fieldtypes hide during registration with CBSubs but even hidden still give JS warning
1770 CBSubs module: not loading CBSubs language strings
1773 Joobi jsetup kills cbsubs session check in backend
1788 SQL action integration plugin: Notice: Undefined variable: event when canceling a payment
1792 protected fields without access lose their values
1803 upgrade CBSubs Remository integration to use Remository API
1809 Missing subscription results in notice "loadSomething::subid %d with planid %d could not load."
1816 CBsubs 1.1 RC1 backend translation strings not working in some places
1819 CB fields/tab protect parameter wording needs to be upgraded for CB 1.2.3
1821 Protect whole article if no teaser portion is available
1838 Missing language string for "Pay with Amexco" and also rename Amexco to American Express
1845 SwissPost PostFinance E-payments parameters changed
1848 can't protect internal CB links with By URL Part
1894 protected areas while unsubscribed auto selects all plans that provide access
1914 Limit number of article to display in multi-select to 9999 for large sites
1916 issues with cbsubs.fieldstabsprotect.php on line 466 when subscription tab used in a module
1917 IE6+7 hidden mandatory fields still show mandatory error in CBSubs 1.1 RC 2
1921 Fix Australian states to use ISO_3166-2:AU codes instead of full names
1976 IE7 mandatory fields that hide appear still required in JS
2005 Selecting Group "- USERS" (j1.0), "- Users" (j1.5) or "Public" (j1.6) for "Subscribers User access level settings" in Plan settings - tab Access causes issue of Subscriptions tab not showing up
2017 CBSubs params causing RN replacement for linebreaks on some installations
2019 Language string doesn't work in CBSubs Title of registration choice parameter
2025 CBSubs Settings -> Display -> Title of registration choice: does not accept language string
2026 Backend: CBSubs Settings -> Display -> Invoices ->--- Select Filed --- not translated (and a few more dropdowns too)
2027 Paypal gateway: in case of communication error with Paypal server, the IPN does not update Notification to give the error
2032 hidden required registration fields in IE
2041 When addresss becomes mandatory for upgrade of sub-plan, there is a notice Array to string conversion in cb.params.php
2054 Third party extension bug causing cbsubsbot to give Warning: Missing argument 3 for cbpaidsubsbot_onAfterDisplayContent
2055 Trying to renew an existing auto-recurring subscription cannot be renewed, errors with: "Unexpected condidion: Renewal not allowed"
2060 Integrations : SQL actions : external databases integrations params do not work properly
2062 : when an error occurs at PSP, the previous credit-card is automatically selected as radio-button, causing an additional user error
2068 & in price display override is displayed in renew/reactivate/resubscribe button
2071 PostAfPro: When paying for multiple subscriptions but one is free lifetime plan without subscription or got deleted there is an error
2072 iDevAf: If one is free lifetime plan without subscription or a subscription is deleted, error plan can not be found
2073 PostAfPro and iDevAf : sales of free lifetime plans (without subscription record) are not reported for commissions
2081 Do not send license emails when license is not yet set
2082 Paypal subscription cancel or failed process does not set CBSubs subscription autorenewal type to 0 so that it can be renewed
2084 Paypal IPN Reversed and Canceled_Reversal has "amount mismatch" detected because Paypal's mc_gross is buggy
2088 install error when not disabling previous version
2089 adminNav module doesn't display params in joomla 1.6
2092 Backend j1.6: CBSubs content integration plugin: Sections do not exist in j 1.6
2095 Invoicing address width insufficient in table-mode
2096 Non mandatory address for invoice when edited requires mandatory fields

Minor Security improvement (1)

2097 Stronger URL protection for invoices views

EDIT: typos

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10 years 11 months ago #147247 by billco
Many thanks for this Beat - looks like a great deal of work has gone into this update.

How do we instal this update - can we just load it via the CB plugin Manager - Install New Plugin? Do we need to uninstal anything first?

Will all current records be preserved?

Any files overwritten that we should be aware of (language file perhaps?)?

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10 years 11 months ago #147248 by nant
billco wrote:

Many thanks for this Beat - looks like a great deal of work has gone into this update.

How do we instal this update - can we just load it via the CB plugin Manager - Install New Plugin? Do we need to uninstal anything first?

Will all current records be preserved?

Any files overwritten that we should be aware of (language file perhaps?)?

I believe all of this is address in the new documentation which you can download (and should study).

The quick answer - but you still should study the documentation - is that if you are on a J15 environment, then you need to upgrade to CB 1.3 first as CB 1.3 is needed for CBSubs 1.1.

After the CB 1.3 upgrade you just install over your existing CBSubs install using CB Installer for CB plugins and Joomla installer for Joomla module and Joomla plugin.

No parameters will be lost.

If you have modified the default language files (which you shouldn't) you will lose the modifications you made. Language changes should be done with new language plugin installation and not by hacking the default language files included in CBSubs.

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10 years 11 months ago #148790 by mojoos
Yes, this is great! But I'd like to see more payment gateways integration into this.

I'd also would wish to see SecurePay as part of that.
Since I'll be working on a site that handles mostly transactions in Australia. As an alternate for paypal.

Is this possible? API not released yet for this?



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10 years 11 months ago #148868 by krileon

Yes, this is great! But I'd like to see more payment gateways integration into this.

We can't add every gateway every user requests. Not all of them are up to our API and/or security standards. We've a ticket to keep track of user requested gateways. I've already added SecurePay to that list. Please note the list does not guarantee implementation.

Is this possible?

At this time, no.

API not released yet for this?

API documentation is not yet complete or released, sorry.

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