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New site - Importing Subscription info was created by srinadhk
We've recently purchase cb subs component. Currently we’re trying to import subscription information from an old system. We’ve some current members who’re active (2 months grace period for this plan) but not paid yet. We want to load the members (from import icon area) and be able to see these subscription records also in Basket icon area so that we can process payment on the phone. Can you tell me a way to do this?

I did try uploading it using the import tool, modifying the status to registered unpaid but the record does not show in the basket icon area.

Thanks in advance!

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10 years 11 months ago #149930 by krileon
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The import feature does not create a unpaid basket in the way initiating an offline payment from frontend does. You would need to login for the user and start an offline payment or discuss with the user of the phone concerning payment, once received simply give them a subscription from backend. Import is not a way to initiate offline payments, it's simply to import subscriptions (typically active ones) and is NOT gateway dependent.

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