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10 years 3 months ago #172832 by jvande
Is there a way to change the final credit card payment form submit button to a generic text instead of dynamically displaying the plans price as a submit button? It would be nice to just have a generic text "Submit Payment" always. We feel like we show enough information up in the totalizer regarding the price agreement. I have already changed my text for the upgrade membership button from a dynamic verbiage to a generic "select" so that it will be more universal as I will have different plans people can "upgrade" to. I followed the tip in this topic:

Also similiarly related I would like to also disable the system message returned for successfully redeeming a coupon using the Promotions plugin. The totalizer automatically updates showing the entered coupon was applied so it would be nice to not have it also return a system message for a success up top. I would just use css to hide the ".message" div but I don't want to hide all messages. Just the message for "Redeemed coupon code." I can't seem to find this in the language files. Is this a part of the encrypted plugin file views? Thanks for any help.

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10 years 3 months ago #172924 by jvande
Replied by jvande on topic Re: Generic text for CC form submit button
I'll follow up with my own solution. Instead figuring out how to change the actual core files to change the button text from a dynamic function to generic consistent text, I ended up just doing a css background replacement for input button. Then using the language plugin for cb subs I was able to translate the hover text to match. I also was able to use the same language file to change the verbiage on the coupon success message. This will satisfy the needs we have now. Maybe in a note in the next feature release would be the ability to change the text on all form buttons and choose whether to have to be dynamic to the price and plan type or to a consistent text that was always used. I see good things with this plugin, its been a powerful piece of software for us to use on our site.

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