How do I modify the Registration page?

13 years 7 months ago #11225 by Klementz
I want to get rid of the "This Field IS visible on profile" and "The Field IS NOT visible on profile" text and icons from the registration page.

How may I do this?

Thank you!
13 years 7 months ago #11236 by nant
Search these forums.
Beat has posted a ccs update that takes care of this.
13 years 7 months ago #11247 by Klementz
I originally searched for about half an hour before with no luck. I combed through the posts again and tried multiple searches, and did end up finding it eventually (but not a post by "beat").

If there is an advanced search feature where you can do things like search by author, I cannot find it.
13 years 7 months ago #11248 by Klementz
Sorry, I forgot to add the solution for anyone else who comes across this post (it is not in the CSS file):

I edited this file

About half way down the file, find "function getFieldIcons" and comment out lines 6-10 of this function.

[code:1]function getFieldIcons($ui, $oReq, $oProfile, $oDescription="", $oTitle="", $showLabels=false) {

$templatePath = selectTemplate($ui);

$oReturn = "";

if($oDescription) $oReturn .= " ".cbFieldTip($ui, getLangDefinition($oDescription), getLangDefinition($oTitle) );

if ($showLabels) $oReturn .= " ".cbFieldTip($ui, _UE_FIELDDESCRIPTION, "?"«»)." "._UE_FIELDDESCRIPTION." | ";

if($oReq) $oReturn .= " <img src='".$templatePath."required.gif' width='16' height='16' alt='*' title='"._UE_FIELDREQUIRED."' />";

if ($showLabels) $oReturn .= " "._UE_FIELDREQUIRED." | ";

if($oProfile) $oReturn .= " <img src='".$templatePath."profiles.gif' width='16' height='16' alt='+' title='"._UE_FIELDONPROFILE."' />";

if( $showLabels) $oReturn .= " "._UE_FIELDONPROFILE." | ";

if((!$oProfile) or $showLabels) $oReturn .= " <img src='".$templatePath."noprofiles.gif' width='16' height='16' alt='-' title='"._UE_FIELDNOPROFILE."' />";

if( $showLabels) $oReturn .= " "._UE_FIELDNOPROFILE;

return "<span class='cbFieldIcons".(($showLabels) ? "Labels" : ""«»)."'>".$oReturn."</span>";


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