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This is a big problem...

ndee wrote:


I don't know if I or somebody else already mentioned it but please take a look on field creation. Most fields are added as VARCHAR(255) to database - even if you only have a telephon field or something like that. This leads to break MySQL (see forums) because it has a limitation of approx. 65000 bytes of VARCHAR per table. If you have UTF-8 kollation (needs 4 bytes for each CHAR, so this is 255 CHARS * 4 bytes = 1020) you waste more than 1000 bytes for a field which may only needs 10 chars.

As all fields are stored in #__comprofiler table this limitation is a problem if you have a few plans with own fields for each plan (cbsubs). We have only 3 different plans but with 50+ fields each and have to manually edit the colums manually quite often.

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