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12 years 3 months ago #42254 by MBAngel
has anyone worked with ccbill so that when users sign up they pay using ccbill, and then their username and password are passed to community builder's user database?

I'd like to set it up so that the join form for community builder asks all the questions I'd like answers to; sends the user to ccbill to enter their credit card info, taking any pertinent info that was already filled out in the form (as well as records that data in the community builder databse without allowing access until their payment has been approved). Then, ccbill adds that user to the community builder user database as a low level member with minimal permissions. (since some "users" will have more privledges)

so instead of an email approval process like I had to go thru to join this site, it waits for word from ccbill to approve them...

I hope I made this clear, and I hope someone can help me figure this out. If not, is there somewhere where documentation on the signup form functions are and where the code is so I could add my stuff?
12 years 3 months ago #42256 by dprice.sf
I haven't used ccbill - but AEC Subscription work for basic site subscriptions and integrates well.
12 years 3 months ago #42267 by MBAngel
Unfortunately I'm already using ccbill and want to add a new site using community builder. They said they could send me back the username and password created during set up if they had the table name, username field name and password field name (can anyone tell me what these would be?).

Should I just have them sign up the ccbill way, then when they have a username and password, they can log in and change their profile, bypassing the community builder form altogether, or maybe just sending the info to the form handler for the join page (with just a username and password required?)
12 years 3 months ago #42271 by dprice.sf
ccbill is an option now in AEC
12 years 2 months ago #44573 by AgentZero
I created a similar topic elsewhere.... So would a module like ccbill allow me to just have an account with them, where all users coming to subscribe to my site can simply enter their credit card information and have it drafted? I am looking for the simplest solution, which means not making potential subscribers have to sign up for an account elsewhere just to register with my site. Thanks!
12 years 2 months ago #45065 by denden
AEC (from what I'm reading at their website) seems to be the solution. (at least for me!) Thanks for the heads-up on this component, I'm going to try it.
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